Carolina Hillman

1440 Concierge

We each have 1440 minutes in a day.  Every day you have the opportunity to make those minutes count, and 1440 Concierge can help you do just that.

Many people think they can do it all and, some really can.  Although more than likely, they are slacking in another part of their life or business. Things such as children’s activities, partners, and possibly your aging parents need attention.  And when they require time from you, it means less time for yourself or your business.  Or even both.

Helping people make the most of their time is at the root of 1440’s purpose.  And seeing the delight on our client’s faces when we have helped them is what makes our work so satisfying and worthwhile.  

Anything from home management services to business concierge services, 1440 can help you turn your To-Do list into your Done list so you can spend more time doing the things you love and spending enjoyable time with the ones you love.

Are you ready to make every minute count?


Virtual Assistant Services

We Can Make You Look Good From Anywhere

If you're wearing all the hats in your business, give yourself a break and reach out to 1440 Concierge. We offer several services to help you step away from the mundane day-to-day tasks by delegating to a virtual assistant.  In doing so, you will gain back time to focus on growing your business and finding more time to spend on yourself and loved ones.

We currently off the following services:

  • General Administrative Support

  • Social Media Management

  • Canva Designs

  • CRM Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Cloud Management

  • Database Management

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint

  • Appointment setting

  • Reservations -think Golf, Spa, Dinner, etc

  • Online Research

  • USPS Mailings–You provide the content and deliver to a local printer; then we stuff and mail

  • E-mailings -Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber, etc

More services being added


Per Month

The Time Keeper

15 hours per month



Per Month

The Time Traveler

30 hours per month



Per Month

The Time Master

25 hours per month



Per Hour

Time by the Hour

2 hour minimum



Personal Concierge Services

In a world of to-do's, we do the do's so you don't have to

Let's face it, sometimes life is hard.  And when you don't have enough time, it's even harder.

Our goal here at 1440 Concierge is to help improve our clients’ lives. With this intention, we want to better be able to serve you and anticipate your needs.

We empower our clients to let us take the lead on more of what they need help with. We have found that those, who allow us to help, receive the best support and benefit from having a personal concierge. You can trust us to be there when you need us… you’ll never find yourself alone.

1440 can help you pull it all together and even help you create some time for yourself.  With our monthly plan options, you can choose the one that will allow us to anticipate more of your needs. To give you back time so that YOU and your family can have an even better quality of life.

So make your list of To-Do's for 1440 to do for you.  Then give us a call!

Absentee Home Care

We Can Oragnize Your Space, or Stand in Your Place

When you’re away from your home for an extended period, 1440 will be there to ensure all is well. We will make sure everything is ready for your arrival, from watering the plants to starting the cars and mowers and stocking the pantry.


Interior and Exterior Services include:

  • Run / Check faucets and outdoor water spigots

  • Flush toilets

  • Water plants

  • Bring in mail and newspapers.

  • Reset appliances after the power goes out.

  • Check for damage after storms.

  • Act as point of contact for emergencies

  • Clear out food pantry fridge of expired items

  • Wait for special deliveries.

  • Accept packages requiring signatures.

  • Wait for contractors (plumbers, electricians, cable, etc.)

Business Assistance

Outsource the Mundane to Maximize Profitability

We give busy professionals the opportunities to step away from the small (but necessary) tasks of everyday life, allowing them to focus on the work they are passionate about. Besides general errands and shopping, we offer support with gift purchases, special deliveries, correspondence, mail pick-up and shipping, travel arrangements, and so much more. This makes an excellent gift for your employees.

  • General Admin Support

  • Courier Services

  • Schedule Meetings and Appointments

  • Assist with Mailings

  • Conference Attendee Registration

  • Deliver office lunch/snacks

  • Pick-up and deliver gifts for co-worker/clients

  • Shop for and deliver office supplies

  • Attend to needs of out of town guests or business partners

  • Wait Services

Day-Of Event Coordinator

Alleviating the Stress of Party Coordination

If you are getting ready to host a family gathering, a graduation party, a baby shower, or a corporate event, we can help alleviate the stress of planning all the food, decorations, invitations, and more.  We can pick up, shop for supplies and return items afterward so all you have to do is be the perfect host or hostess.

  • Preparing Party Favors or Gift Bags for Event Guests

  • Prepare ktichen for dinner parties

  • Make sure guests' drinks are always fresh and appetizers distributed.

  • Bring in mail and newspapers

  • Send invitations and Thank You notes

  • Manage Guest Lists and RSVP Counts

  • Send Holiday Cards or Company Mailings

  • Post-Event Support for Rental Returns, Merchandise Returns, and other Errands

  • And More!

To-Do's and Not To-Do's

Delegate Your To-Do's & Take Back Your Time

Between your career, home-schooling the children, and possibly taking care of your aging parents, how do you get time for yourself?  Let 1440 help you pull it all together so you can breath and focus on what you love

  • Post Office, UPS, FedEx

  • Gift Wrapping

  • Snack delivery to school for events/parties

  • Deliver local packages

  • Home/Garage organization projects

  • De-clutterng cabinets & Drawers

  • Seasonal packing/unpacking

  • Arrangements for donations

  • And More!


Monthly Concierge Plans

Each our monthly plans include all services listed above.  Because many of our Personal Assistant services require traveling from one place to another, our rates include mileage.  Therefore we do not track mileage.

If you need services not listed above, please contact us.  We might be able to accommodate your request.  Please understand that 1440 employees will not perform any services that are illegal or place them in in harm's way.