Personal Assistant Services

Let's face it; sometimes, life is hard.  And when you don't have enough time, it's even harder.

Our goal here at 1440 Concierge is to help improve our clients’ lives. With this intention, we want to be better able to serve you and anticipate your needs.

We empower our clients to let us take the lead on more of what they need help with. We have found that those who allow us to help receive the best support and benefit from having a personal concierge. You can trust us to be there when you need us… you’ll never find yourself alone.

1440 can help you pull it all together and even help you create some time for yourself.  With our monthly plan options, you can choose the one that will allow us to anticipate more of your needs. To give you back time so that YOU and your family can have an even better quality of life.

So make your list of To-Do's for 1440 to do for you.  Then give us a call!


Personal Assistant



Home Care

When you’re away from your home for an extended period, 1440 will be there to ensure all is well. We will make sure everything is ready for your arrival, from watering the plants to starting the cars and mowers and stocking the pantry.

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Business Support

We give busy professionals the opportunities to step away from the small (but necessary) tasks of everyday life, allowing them to focus on the work they are passionate about. Besides general errands and shopping, we offer support with gift purchases, special deliveries, correspondence, mail pick-up and shipping, travel arrangements, and so much more. This makes an excellent gift for your employees.

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To-Do's and

Not To-Do's

Between your career, home-schooling the children, and possibly taking care of your aging parents, how do you get time for yourself?  Let 1440 help you pull it all together so you can breath and focus on what you love

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All plans require a minimum of two hours of consectutive work. 

Any work less than two hours will be billed for two hours.