Are You Sure You Can Recycle That?

You may not be aware that some of the things you thought were recyclable, are not really recyclable.  

For example:

  • Those plastic bags we get at the grocery store?  Nope.  They cannot be recycled.

  • Pizza boxes?  If they had any kind of food in them, then the answer is no.

  • The plastic wrap that your 80-pack of toilet paper came in?  No.

  • How about the paper cup your latte came in this morning?  No to that one as well.  

  • The plastic lid and the java jacket can be recycled.  But not the cup.

  • The plastic box your blueberries come in?  No.

Since 1992 China has been importing nearly half of the worlds waste.  Last year they implemented much stricter standards for imported waste, including plastics and different types of papers.  For more information about China’s new restrictions click here.

Its time to get reacquainted with what’s recyclable and what is not.  I learned that my paper coffee cup is NOT recyclable.  The Mid American Regional Council has a great website to help you determine what is still recyclable and what is not.  You can get to their website by clicking here.  Also, our local NBC news station had a good story about recycling and it can be viewed by clicking here.  It was the inspiration for this blog entry.

Oh, all those beer cans and beer bottles from your 4th of July party?  They’re still good to recycle.  (wink wink) Let’s do our part to keep this blue marvel safe and clean for the generations to come.

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