• Carolina

C'mon Get Appy! (like C'mon Get Happy)

MileIQ. It's one of my favorite business apps. Why? Because it automatically tracks my mileage. All I have to do is swipe left to designate it as a personal trip. And right for a business trip.

There are so many helpful apps out there for business owners. Besides MileIQ, here is a list of other business apps I use throughout the week.

  1. Square - If you send invoices to clients, this app will allow you to invoice them and take payment. Or, if you prefer, you can email them an invoice, and they can pay online. Be aware, Square has to make money somehow, and they make theirs with fees.

  2. Rocketbook - There are so many helpful things to do with this product. You must purchase one of their items to use. I have a small notepad and a regular-sized notebook. I take notes, snap a picture of the notes, and, depending on how many pages I use, the Rockebook app will convert my notes to a text file. When you have done that, erase your notes with water and soft cloth so you can use that page again. It helps lower the amount of paper waste we create.

  3. LinkedIn - Use this app to connect with like-minded business people or to introduce yourself to potential clients.

  4. Scanbot - There are many on-the-go scanning apps out there. But I have been using this one for years because my big sister told me about it (and you always listen to your big sister). I paid the fee to unlock some of the features, and I have not regretted it. This app allows me to

  5. Scan multiple pages

  6. Save in different formats

  7. Convert text with OCR

  8. Add notes to the documents

  9. Email directly from the app to whomever I need to send it. I can even fax from the app if I want to (but I haven't used that feature).

  10. Canva! - I love this app. It's available for smartphones, tablets (I have an iPad), and of course, desktops. I am a creative person, and I love having this app with me at all times. When I have a great idea, I can turn it into an illustration.

There are many apps out there that will help you be more efficient and save you some headaches, but I have to cut this blog short.

Happy Apping! :-)