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Lists for Happiness

2020. It is a year in which every significant event will have an asterisk next to it. I could list them all here, but it would take too long.

But what I want to focus on for this blog entry is happiness.

I picked up a book on a whim the other day and realized that many people might benefit from the practices listed in this book.

It is called "52 Lists for Happiness" by Moorea Seal. Each week, the reader is supposed to make a list for that week's topic. So, I'm going to post those prompts every week. It might help you; it might not. It's entirely up to you. I may or may not post my lists. I guess it will depend on how vulnerable I'm feeling. I was going to start this in January, but I figured what the heck, do it now because I need it.

2021 has to be a better year.

Here is your prompt for this week:

List what makes you happy right now. What can you do to experience one of these things every day? Like any other habit, it takes practice; repetition. Of course, some of these will be out of your control, but you can still be happy about it.

Here is my list:

  1. I'm happy my niece has moved in with my parents to help care for my dad.

  2. I'm happy that my business is surviving this ridiculous year! This is something I can continue to do.

  3. And I'm happy with my health. I know I can be healthier (I hope my trainer isn't reading this, haha), but it's not lousy considering all the sweets this time of year.

I'm saving the rest for my paper version. If you're brave enough, list your happiness list here.

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