Slowly but Surely, It's Time

It's time to come out of hiding to see how our new normal will look for the next few months.

For those of us in Clay County (excluding the Kansas City residents who live in Clay County), can you believe we will have survived 48 days in quarantine by the time May 4th rolls around? WOOHOOO! All the memes and jokes on late-night TV helped get us through. As I like to say, we might as well laugh because crying sure isn't going to help us. I think we all did our part to help the numbers go down. So thank you!

As we slowly begin to emerge from the safety of our homes, let's remember the people who lost their battles with COVID19 by being responsible for how we conduct ourselves and our interactions with one another. Let's avoid another stay-order by implementing the provided guidelines (see below) that were recently published on the Clay and Platte Counties Department of Health websites. By doing so we will help decrease the number of cases thereby improving our chances of beating this virus.

1. Our citizens should wear masks/ face coverings whenever they are out in the community. They must also continue to wash hands frequently, refrain from touching their faces, and continue to practice staying 6 feet away from others.

2. Continue to encourage residents to avoid crowds and limit close physical interactions.

3. Continue to encourage citizens to not embark on unnecessary travel and to restrict travel to areas with high transmission of coronavirus. Quarantine requirements should remain in place for those that travel.

4. Continue to limit visits to our long-term care facilities.

5. Continue to encourage high-risk residents, e.g., those with immune disorders, elderly, to continue to stay at home' as much as possible.

6. Protect our vulnerable populations.

As a courtesy to others, please:

1. If possible, send only one person from your family to do the shopping or have your groceries delivered. 1440 Concierge can help you with that.

2. As a reminder, please place all disposable gloves, wipes, etc. in a proper waste receptacle. It's no fun for the people who have to pick them up.

3. Be kind to others with anxieties, especially those with fears related to the new guidelines. You do not know their stories.

If you need a mask, call or message me and I will provide one or two free of charge as long as I have the inventory. They're not all pretty, but they serve their purpose well.

Clay and Platte Counties have released the following guidelines for a slow re-entry to normal activities. Click here to be taken to the Clay County (see page 3 under Universal Precautions and Basic “must-do” tasks in all phases) and here to be taken to the Platte County releases.

I am more than excited and ready to get back to work! Be safe. Stay healthy. Help each other.

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