• Carolina

You Are Part of that 20%

As we glide into the weekend, how many small business owners know they will be working? We might do a little client follow up here and there. Maybe a little blogging (me) or social media planning there.

I am guilty of doing those things and more on the weekends for my business. It's something that we, as business owners, do because we love what we're doing. But sometimes, we find ourselves burning the midnight oil, and that is not healthy for you or your family.

You need to identify tasks that will produce positive outcomes for you and the business. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of results come from only 20% of activities. Identifying the 20% that is productive and delegating the rest can produce a lot more business than not.

Virtual assistant businesses are popping up everywhere, and with the changes brought about by COVID-19 brought, we can work anytime and anyplace.

Don't neglect life's essential activities such as family time, time with friends, or even time for yourself. YOU are part of that 20%